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Plumber - Journeyman

Posting Begin Date: 2024/05/30
Posting End Date: 2024/07/17
Category: Building Maintenance
Sub Category: Building & Safety
Work Type: Full Time
Location: Boise, ID, United States
Minimum Salary: 27.52
Maximum Salary: 35.78
Pay Rate Type: Hourly

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Human Resource Office (HRO) 
State Personnel Branch 
4794 General Manning Avenue, Building 442 
Boise, Idaho 83705-8112 
Telephone: (208) 801-4273


Registers established from this announcement may remain valid up to one year to fill vacancies within the same classification.

                      ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER:                                                      24-56-MW

                      AREA OF CONSIDERATION:                                                        Open to all applicants (Military membership is not required; this requirement will be waived)

                      POSITION TITLE:                                                                            Plumber - Journeyman

                      PAY GRADE:                                                                                       NGA-9

                      POSITION CONTROL NUMBER(S):                                          5125

                     CLASS CODE:                                                                                     22761

                     SALARY RANGE:                                                                              $27.52 to $35.78 hourly ($57,238 to $74,414 annually) - Starting pay rate is typically at Step 1, $27.52/hourly

                     FLSA CODE:                                                                                      Covered

                     DUTY LOCATION:                                                                          Military Division, Idaho Army National Guard, Construction and Facilities Management Office (CFMO), Idaho Training Center (ITC), Orchard Combat Training Center (OCTC), Boise, ID (off main base) - to learn more about the OCTC, please visit

                     TYPE OF POSITION:                                                                    Military Nonclassified; Army or Air; Enlisted; Military Waived if selected under Ann# 24-56-MW

                     COMPATIBLE MILITARY FIELD:                                               Not Applicable

The HRO State Personnel Branch will not forward non-qualifying or incomplete application packets for consideration – ensure to attach all required information as specified below. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ANNOUNCEMENT BEFORE APPLYING.

Applications will be accepted through 4:59 PM MST on the posting end date. 

State of Idaho Employees: When searching for a new career within the state, browse and apply through Luma Opportunities. Applying through the State External Career website will cause duplicate profiles and will slow the processing of your application for a new job. Internal candidates should always use Luma Opportunities.


  • Military Division Mandatory Questions – Attachment of your individual responses to mandatory questions for all applicants
  • Qualifications - Attachment of your individual responses to each of the Mandatory Requirements and each Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) specified in this announcement under QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS. Attach document/pdf to your application with all your responses. This is required to assess you meet all requirements for consideration. If not provided, your application will be considered INCOMPLETE.
  • Documentation identified as a Mandatory Requirement – When required, attach copies of educational diplomas, transcripts, or training certificates; or professional licenses, certifications or registrations.
  • Optional: Attach a resume and/or other supplemental documentation to support your qualifications.


  • (1) Except for minor traffic offenses, have you ever entered a plea of guilty, no contest, or had a withheld judgment to a felony offense?
    If YES please explain on a separate paper and attach it to your application.

  • (2) Do you certify that I am a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or a Foreign National with authorization to work in the United States

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must attach to their application individual responses addressing each requirement separately.

Mandatory Requirements (conditions of employment) Provide the requested information, address your willingness and ability to meet the applicable condition and/or how you meet the requirement.

Provide your individual responses in an attachment to your application addressing each requirement (1-4) separately.

  • (1) Must be an enlisted member of the Idaho National Guard - please request waiver of military membership as applying under Announcement #24-56-MW.

  • (2) Must have and maintain a valid and unrestricted state issued driver’s license (from any state). Provide your driver’s license number, issuing state, license expiration date, and the full legal name specified on the license. (Do not provide a copy of your driver’s license.

  • (3) Must have, or be eligible to obtain, and maintain a favorable T1 (NACI) Federal Background Investigation. If a selected candidate does not have a current favorable T1, as a condition of employment he/she must submit to the investigation process immediately upon hire/appointment. (At a minimum, a favorable suitability determination by the State Security Manager is required prior to appointment into this position.)

  • (4) Must have and maintain a current Idaho Journeyman Plumber license. (Attach a copy of current license to your application.)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs)
Applicants must have 24-months of specialized experience performing related to the duties as specified below.
 In your detailed, individualized responses describe your civilian and military education, training, and work experience as it relates to each KSA that demonstrated your related experience. KSA responses assist in verifying your qualifications and determining the best-qualified applicants.

Provide your individual responses in an attachment to your application addressing each (1-6) separately.

  • (1) Demonstrated knowledge and training and certification/licensure qualifications in any of the following trade skills: general plumbing, pipefitting, fire sprinkler systems, lawn sprinkler systems, heating and cooling systems, and boiler systems.
  • (2) Demonstrated knowledge and skill in commercial, industrial and residential plumbing techniques. Describe the various types of plumbing systems you have installed or repaired. 
  • (3) Skill and ability to coordinate with multiple trades in order to complete complicated/complex repairs or installations as part of maintenance, renovations and new construction projects. 
  • (4) Demonstrated skill with reading and interpreting blueprints, plumbing diagrams, specifications and construction documents. 
  • (5) Ability with performing various types of trades associated with plumbing systems. 
  • (6) Ability supervising individuals in the plumbing field or other trades. 

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Refer to the position description below.

a. Each person hired will be required to provide verification of eligibility to work in the United States and may be subject to a criminal background check.
b. Refer to the position description for the Mandatory Requirements for this position.
c. Military Nonclassified employees are required to comply with military standards and wear the appropriate uniform. (Not applicable to military waived civilian employees.)
d. Incumbent must be an enlisted member of the Idaho National Guard. Loss of military membership or compatible military grade/status will result in loss of employment. (Not applicable to military waived civilian employees.)
e. The State of Idaho, Military Division is an Equal Opportunity employer. Selection for this position will be made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), genetic information, political affiliation, marital status, and disability or age (which does not interfere with job accomplishment or job eligibility based upon the position description Mandatory Requirements). Appropriate consideration shall be given to veterans in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

PERSONNEL MANAGER CERTIFICATION: The title, series, grade, duties and responsibilities are complete and accurate as written and a current or projected vacancy exists as advertised.

                                                                                 Gloria A. Duncan
                                                                                 Supervisory Human Resource Specialist
                                                                                 Military Division – State Personnel Branch

Applications are accepted online only. State employees must apply in Luma after logging in; non-state employees need to apply on the career website. If you are unable to apply online, please contact Gloria and Monica by phone 208-801-4273/4276 or email [email protected] and [email protected] to discuss alternative options.

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Idaho Military Division.

By submitting your application, you are certifying all answers and statements are true and complete to the best of your knowledge. You understand that should an investigation disclose untruthful or misleading answers, your application may be rejected, name removed from consideration, or employment with the State terminated.

POSITION CONTROL NUMBERS: 1119, 1168, 5124, 5125 & 8012 

INTRODUCTION: This position is assigned to an Idaho National Guard facilities maintenance organization functioning within the State of Idaho – Military Division. The primary purpose of this position is to oversee plumbing contractors’ work, non-journeyman apprentice and journeyman plumbing work, and to provide plumbing maintenance and minor construction services in all trades. This is a multi-faceted position which requires journeyman level skills in general plumbing, pipefitting, fire sprinkler systems, lawn sprinkler systems, heating and cooling systems, and boiler systems. Incumbent functions as a supervisor or non-supervisory work leader.

The duty assignment/location for position control numbers (PCNs):
• PCN 1119 and 5125 are assigned to the Construction and Facilities Management Office (CFMO), Idaho Army National Guard (IDARNG); duty location is the Orchard Combat Training Center (OCTC), Gowen Field (off Main Base)


1. Performs as a Journeyman Plumber and supervisor or non-supervisory work leader. Independently designs, installs, modifies, repairs, and maintains a variety of new and existing utility, supply, and disposal systems and equipment such as sewage, water, oil and gas distribution systems, water closets, tubs, showers, backflow prevention devices/assemblies, lawn sprinkler systems, fire sprinkler systems, showers, heating and cooling systems, and boilers. Plans and insures the proper elevation, pitch and fall of installations to provide for proper flow, drainage, and sanitary operating conditions and to prevent backflow vacuum, or air lock conditions. Performs preventative maintenance for all plumbing and mechanical equipment and parts. Maintains records and documents actions. Plans and accomplishes work from initial layout to final assembly which involves interpreting and applying building plans, specifications, blueprints, sketches, and other plumbing guides/codes, and using shop mathematics. Locates and taps main lines, sets-up system routes, places and cuts route openings, places hangers for proper level and slope, and determines and installs valves, traps, and unions as needed for proper operation of a variety of systems and equipment. Determines tools, parts, equipment, and supplies needed, including proper types, sizes, and materials. Improvises installations when blueprints and sketches do not provide sufficient information. Troubleshoots/tests various plumbing systems and equipment including backflow prevention devices such as reduced pressure principle devices, double check devices, atmospheric vacuum breakers, and other cross connection devices. Uses and maintains tools such as tapes, rules, plumb bobs, hand and power pipe threaders, cutters, pipe wrenches, angle drills, hacksaws and power saws, power sewer cleaning equipment, various gas detectors and meters.

 2. Installs, maintains, modifies, and repairs existing high-pressure piping systems and equipment such as steam heating, steam generation, hydraulic systems, flash and expansion tanks, condensate, vacuum, and circulating, submersible, and centrifugal transfer pumps, and radiators. Measures and determines proper piping, valves and fittings required for the job. Insulates pipes, measures required cuts, threads, reams, and performs welding and soldering on piping. Cuts route openings; installs and repairs sewer drain systems, places hangers for correct pitch and elevation; and installs braces and supports. Maintains records and documents actions. Interprets pertinent information in blueprints, charts, and sketches. Troubleshoots/inspects high-pressure piping systems and equipment and determines need for modification and/or repair to insure proper and safe operation. Repairs and maintains building boiler systems. Redesigns certain aspects of systems to improve function and performance. 

3. Oversees journeyman and non-journeyman plumbing work installed throughout the Idaho Military Division (IMD) area of responsibility. Maintains tools and equipment. Cleans and repairs hand tools, power tools, meters, control cables, special tools and equipment. Removes dirt and grease, lubricates and adjusts moving parts, and sharpens cutting tools. Oversees all plumbing installations, repairs or changes that have been installed or completed by any facilities maintenance technician or helper in entry level positions. Performs inspection and testing of all plumbing work performed by contractors. Ensures all work performed on any system within the IMD’s area of responsibility complies with all applicable building and Idaho State plumbing codes. 

4. Supervisory duties (if assigned). Performs established supervisory functions and practices pertaining to full-time and temporary state employees in accordance with Idaho Military Division State Employee Personnel Regulations (IMD 3) and applicable policies and procedures. Establishes state employee performance standards; provides ongoing feedback and performance counseling; appraises performance not less than annually; and recommends corrective or disciplinary action when appropriate. Assigns and monitors the accomplishment of work. Coordinates personnel and position action requests (SPB Form 7), vacancy announcements, selection and hiring; employee training and development; and approves employee scheduling, leave and timesheets. Promotes a respectful workplace that complies with policies of the Adjutant General. Observes and ensures compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies and serves as a role model for the Whistleblower Protection Program, EEO, security, and workplace safety practices, policies, and regulations at all times. Maintains a safe and drug/alcohol free workplace. 

5. Estimates work-hour and material requirements for assigned routine projects. Prepares required paperwork and data for requisitioning materials. Writes and submits detailed scopes of work (SOW) for projects to be performed by general and plumbing contractors. As assigned, utilizes the iEMS (Integrated Engineering Management System) computer software system to requisition materials, create, track, and close work orders. Participates in all assigned on-the-job training, and provides training to non-journeyman craftsmen. As assigned, ensures as-built information is reported to engineering CAD for updates. 

6. Oversees safety applications for all plumbing operations and other assigned shops, as tasked, and monitors safety procedures outlined in technical manuals, operating manuals, and practices utilized by OSHA and the IMD for both in-house and contract labor. 

7. Works within a relatively small group of maintenance personnel of all trades and will be required to assist craftsmen in their trades and/or independently perform work other trades such as carpentry repairs, floor tile, bath tile, panels, etcetera. 

8. Performs other related duties and projects as necessary or assigned. 

9. 124 CES (PCN 5124) only may also include snow removal duties such as operating heavy equipment, snow blowers, snow shovels and spreading deicer materials; and seasonal groundskeeping duties as necessary or assigned. 

SUPERVISORY CONTROLS: Work is performed under general supervision. Incumbent operates with a high degree of independence and is guided by the National and/or Idaho State Plumbing Code, and policies, directives and regulations of the Adjutant General and the National Guard Bureau. .

PERSONAL WORK CONTACTS: The incumbent's contacts are with plumbing contractors; military, state and federal technician personnel of the Idaho Military Division/Idaho National Guard; and personnel of various activities/units visiting Gowen Field (including the OCTC).

WORKING CONDITIONS: Incumbent works inside and outside in all types of weather conditions. Stands on concrete floors. May be exposed to snake and other small animal and insect bites. Incumbent is exposed to the possibility of abrasions, cuts, burns, falls and explosions. Hearing protection devices, hard hats with face shield, and other safety equipment and devices are provided and must be worn when appropriate in accordance with safety directives. Physical effort includes frequent lifting, positioning and carrying of plumbing materials, tools, and equipment weighing up to 80 pounds; items weighing in excess of 80 pounds normally involves more than one person. Work requires frequent bending, stooping, walking, standing, climbing ladders and working in cramped positions. Duty at the OCTC may expose the incumbent to the dangers of working on training ranges and in rough terrain, live fire ranges, pyrotechnics, laser frequencies, and explosives. Although management makes every effort to minimize the necessity for off-duty response, incumbent may be called-in to work for emergencies. Incumbent’s participation as an on-call responder for after hour emergencies is a requirement of this position.

FLSA Overtime Code: C (Covered; time and one-half) 
EEOC: F08 (Skilled Craft)
WCC: 9015 
MARCH 2022 

  • State Benefits:

    The State of Idaho offers a robust total compensation package, including medical, vision, and dental insurance; PERSI retirement benefits; paid sick, vacation, and parental leave; and 11 paid holidays per year. For additional information related to benefits and/or State programs, please visit*


    The State of Idaho is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals based on their status as protected veterans or individuals with disabilities and prohibit discrimination against all individuals based on their race, color, religion, political affiliation or belief, sex, national origin, genetics, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws.

    The State of Idaho is committed to access and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities, auxiliary aids and services are available upon request. If you require an accommodation at any step in our recruitment process, you are encouraged to contact (208) 334-2263 (TTY/TTD: 711), or email [email protected].

    Preference may be given to veterans who qualify under state and federal laws and regulations.

    *Benefits may not be applicable for temporary or seasonal positions.