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Cadre Team Leader IDYCA

Posting Begin Date: 2024/07/01
Category: Community Services
Sub Category: Community and Social Services
Work Type: Full Time
Location: Pierce, ID, United States
Minimum Salary: 23.84
Maximum Salary: 31.00
Pay Rate Type: Hourly

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Human Resource Office (HRO) State Personnel Branch
4794 General Manning Avenue, Building 442
Boise, Idaho 83705-8112
Telephone: (208) 801-4273


Registers established from this announcement may remain valid up to one year to fill vacancies within the same classification.

                      ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER:                                                      24-60-N

                      AREA OF CONSIDERATION:                                                        Open to all applicants

                      POSITION TITLE:                                                                            Cadre Team Leader - IDYCA

                      PAY GRADE:                                                                                       NGA-7

                      POSITION CONTROL NUMBER:                                               1617

                     CLASS CODE:                                                                                     22729

                     SALARY RANGE:                                                                              $23.84 to $31.00 hourly ($49,597to $64,480  annually) - Starting Pay is typically at Step 1, $23.84/hour

                     FLSA CODE:                                                                                      Covered

                     DUTY LOCATION:                                                                          Military Division, Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy, Pierce, ID - not remote

                     TYPE OF POSITION:                                                                    Civilian Nonclassified; Limited Service Appointment (This position is funded by a Federal/State Cooperative Agreement and private non-profit foundation funding.)

                     COMPATIBLE MILITARY FIELD:                                               Not Applicable

The HRO State Personnel Branch will not forward non-qualifying or incomplete application packets for consideration – ensure to attach all required information as specified below. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ANNOUNCEMENT BEFORE APPLYING.

Applications will be accepted through 4:59 PM MST on the posting end date. 

State of Idaho Employees: When searching for a new career within the state, browse and apply through Luma Opportunities. Applying through the State External Career website will cause duplicate profiles and will slow the processing of your application for a new job. Internal candidates should always use Luma Opportunities.


  • Military Division Mandatory Questions – Attachment of your individual responses to mandatory questions for all applicants
  • Qualifications - Attachment of your individual responses to each of the Mandatory Requirements and each Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) specified in this announcement under QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS. Attach document/pdf to your application with all your responses. This is required to assess you meet all requirements for consideration. If not provided, your application will be considered INCOMPLETE.
  • Documentation identified as a Mandatory Requirement – When required, attach copies of educational diplomas, transcripts, or training certificates; or professional licenses, certifications or registrations.
  • Optional: Attach a resume and/or other supplemental documentation to support your qualifications.


  • (1) Except for minor traffic offenses, have you ever entered a plea of guilty, no contest, or had a withheld judgment to a felony offense?
    If YES please explain on a separate paper and attach it to your application.

  • (2) Do you certify that I am a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or a Foreign National with authorization to work in the United States

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must attach to their application individual responses addressing each requirement separately.

Mandatory Requirements (conditions of employment) Provide the requested information, address your willingness and ability to meet the applicable condition and/or how you meet the requirement.

  • (1) Must have and maintain a valid and unrestricted state issued driver’s license (from any state). Provide your driver’s license number, issuing state, license expiration date, and the full name specified on the license. (Do not provide a copy of your driver’s license.)

  • (2) Must submit to and pass an OPM Federal Childcare National Agency Check with Inquiries (CNACI) investigation, including a complete ten (10) finger fingerprint card or scan, upon offer of employment. Must agree to submit to periodic rechecks in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies. (At a minimum, a favorable suitability determination by the State Security Manager is required prior to appointment into this position.)

  • (3) Must submit to and pass a drug test upon offer of employment, and agree to submit to periodic and random drug testing at the discretion of the Program/Academy Director.

  • (4) Must possess and provide documentation validating the following education and experience. (Attach a copy of your high school diploma or transcript, or GED; unofficial transcripts are acceptable. If applicable for qualification, provide response addressing qualifying professional level experience.)
    •  High School graduation or GED;
    •  2-years of leadership, coaching or teaching experience working with “At Risk” youth, or related experience such as youth services, social services, military, education or law enforcement. 

* Preferred experience includes a working knowledge of military customs and courtesies and drill and ceremony. 
** Two years of college may be substituted for each year of required experience.

  • (5) Must be able to PERFORM, DEMONSTRATE, and LEAD physical training activities such as weight training, calisthenics, and untimed runs up to 2-miles. Must submit to and pass a Physical Abilities Test (PAT)* prior to employment, and agree to submit to periodic and recurring testing in accordance with Academy policy. The PAT will be conducted on the same day as scheduled personal interviews. Must commit to representing a positive physical fitness role model.
      • * Note: During the PAT, applicants must perform each of the following activities to the minimum stated standard: 
      • 15 sit-up repetitions within 1-minute 
      • Push-ups without stopping (10 for females; 15 for males) 
      • Emergency Rescue Drag: Drag a 145lb juvenile rescue dummy a distance of 35 feet, then crawl 20 feet on the floor 
      • 1.5 mile run/walk within 17:17 minutes 
      • Instruct and demonstrate exercises and stretches (10 repetitions each): neck, arms and shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, overhead arm pull, thigh stretch, hamstring stretch (standing and seated), groin stretch (standing and seated), calf stretch, hip and back stretch (seated), curl-ups, right angle push-ups. (Exercise descriptions are provided prior to and at the PAT.) 

(6) Must commit to exceptional work attendance; dependability and flexibility are requirements of this position.

(7) Must purchase boots as part of a required uniform, if selected for employment. The boots must be black, without design. They will be rounded toe or rounded capped toe, with or without a perforated seam, and with or without safety toe. A high gloss or patent finish boot is optional.

(8) Applicant must provide the following information within the application for needed mandatory background screening if selected for appointment. Applicant must provide complete mailing addresses and telephone numbers for Employment History and Higher Education (cover the past 10 years for employment, and all post-secondary education) and References (at least three people who know you fairly well). 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) 
Applicants must have 12-months of specialized experience performing related to the duties as specified below.
In your detailed, individualized responses describe your civilian and military education, training, and work experience as it relates to each KSA that demonstrated your related experience. KSA responses assist in verifying your qualifications and determining the best-qualified applicants.

Provide your individual responses in an attachment to your application addressing each requirement (1-7) separately.

  • (1) Skill in team building and team management; enforcing disciplinary, safety, and security measures in a fair and consistent manner; providing effective leadership; coaching; negotiation and mediation. 
  • (2) Skill in recognizing and defusing evolving volatile situations; practices de-escalation techniques. Remains sensitive to personal issues that have significant and long-term impacts on program participants. Protects personal privacy information.
  • (3) Skill in working with a wide variety of behaviors and personalities requiring tact, patience, tolerance, and flexibility.
  • (4) Ability to present clear, concise information and instructions using both oral and written communication.
  • (5) Knowledge of factors that contribute to social, economic, emotional or behavioral issues; includes knowledge of methods and tactics for dealing effectively with “At Risk” youth.
  • (6) Ability to make sound decisions and remain calm during stressful situations.
  • (7) Skill to identify and manage manipulative behavior that may be demonstrated by juveniles. 

SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Refer to the position description below.

a. Each person hired will be required to provide verification of eligibility to work in the United States and may be subject to a criminal background check.
b. Refer to the position description for the Mandatory Requirements for this position.
c. The State of Idaho, Military Division is an Equal Opportunity employer. Selection for this position will be made without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), genetic information, political affiliation, marital status, and disability or age (which does not interfere with job accomplishment or job eligibility based upon the position description Mandatory Requirements). Appropriate consideration shall be given to veterans in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

PERSONNEL MANAGER CERTIFICATION: The title, series, grade, duties and responsibilities are complete and accurate as written and a current or projected vacancy exists as advertised.

                                                                                 Gloria A. Duncan
                                                                                 Supervisory Human Resource Specialist
                                                                                 Military Division – State Personnel Branch

If you are unable to apply online, please contact the HRO office by phone 208-801-4273 or email [email protected] to discuss alternative options.

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Idaho Military Division.

By submitting your application, you are certifying all answers and statements are true and complete to the best of your knowledge. You understand that should an investigation disclose untruthful or misleading answers, your application may be rejected, name removed from consideration, or employment with the State terminated.


INTRODUCTION: This position is assigned to the Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy (IDYCA), functioning within the State of Idaho – Military Division. The Academy campus is located in Pierce, Idaho. The purpose of IDYCA is to intervene in and reclaim the lives of disengaged youth through education and mentoring, empowering youth to improve their academic level and employment potential and become responsible and productive citizens of Idaho and the United States. The Academy is an intensive residential academic intervention for “At Risk” 16-18 year old Idaho youth, directed and sponsored by the State of Idaho – Military Division/Idaho National Guard. It provides a unique educational opportunity within an intensive military structure and overview. Student Cadets participate in daily activities such as academic instruction, service to community, drill and ceremony, housekeeping, personal hygiene and physical fitness. Youth applicants are invited to a 2-week acclimation period to determine their desire and commitment to participate. The Acclimation Phase is followed by a two phase enterprise consisting of: 1) a 20-week Residential Phase, and; 2) a 12-month Post-Residential Phase consisting of life planning, community re-integration, and mentoring. The Academy focuses on eight core components that define all dimensions of a person’s success relative to personal achievement and social contributions. The components are: Leadership/Followership, Service to Community, Job Skills, Academic Excellence, Responsible Citizenship, Life-Coping Skills, Health and Hygiene, and Physical Fitness. The Academy is staffed by uniformed Cadre, Professional Instructors, Counselors, Advocates (Case Managers), and other support staff members.

You can learn more about the Youth ChalleNGe Program at the national website To learn more about the Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy visit


1. The primary purpose of this position is to provide leadership, direction and guidance to Student Cadets participating in the Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy (IDYCA). Incumbent supports the Cadre/Operations Department to achieve the IDYCA mission: “To intervene in and reclaim the lives of sixteen to eighteen year-old high school dropouts, producing program graduates with the values, life skills, education, and self-discipline necessary to succeed as productive citizens of Idaho”. 

2. Participates in screening and interviewing applicants of the IDYCA, and assists in selecting students who have the best chance of success in meeting individual and program goals. Assists with preparing the IDYCA facilities, supplies and equipment to ensure the Cadre Team is prepared to effectively and efficiently receive and in-process each new class of Student Cadets. 

3. Follows IDYCA policy guidance and leadership direction to assist with implementing the military structured Acclimation Phase curriculum (weeks 1 and 2) in accordance with program goals to identify those students who are prepared mentally and physically and truly committed to changing their lives. Leads and executes the Cadet Corps daily and weekly training plans and programs ensuring all academic, physical training and personal development activities are completed and documented, and program goals are met. Intervenes with Cadets as needed to encourage healthy, adaptive behavior. Establishes clear expectations and sets and enforces consequences for disruptive behavior. Conducts daily program activities to include Cadet inspections, housing and facility inspections, fire safety inspections, unit formations, reviewing and directing minor disciplinary actions involving Cadets and rating Cadet performance. Responds immediately and effectively to any Cadet conflicts and administers appropriate corrective/disciplinary intervention within authorized scope and authority. Attends Cadet disciplinary hearings and student peer court proceedings. Provides staff input addressing physical and social progress, behavior and potential. Maintains strict professional boundaries with Cadets, and interacts with them in a firm, fair and consistent manner. 

4. Triages Cadets prior to sick call. Provides oversight of Cadet’s movement to and from all destinations while adhering to military drill and ceremony standards and ensuring the safety and welfare of Cadets around the clock. Calls cadence and marches Cadets, and participates in running and physical fitness training with Cadets. Participates in daily inspections of the Cadet living areas. Ensures plan for building maintenance and cleaning schedule is completed and the facility is cleaned on a daily basis. Notifies or makes recommendations to leadership regarding maintenance problems or other facility concerns. Assists in the collection of individual Cadet and program performance data for entry into databases and reporting systems. Advises Cadre Supervisors concerning problems/issues as they arise. 

5. Provides input to develop and make changes to training plans, and contributes to long term strategic planning. Makes recommendations to the Cadre Supervisor concerning budget and resource problems or issues. Assures responsible and efficient use of program resources. Assists with training new IDYCA staff members. Participates in professional development activities to include workshops, meetings and classes with the goal of program quality, compliance with program requirements/standards, and integration of new ideas, methods and technologies. 

6. Promotes a respectful workplace that complies with policies of the Adjutant General. Observes and ensures compliance with all Whistleblower Protection Program, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), security, environmental, and workplace safety practices, policies, and regulations at all times. Maintains a safe and drug/alcohol/weapons free workplace during all IDYCA activities. Assures workplace and facility security. Makes a determined effort to coordinate and communicate with other Cadre and staff members to insure an efficient and respectful work place. Acts as role model and upholds superior personal integrity. Maintains highest standards of personal and professional conduct in accordance with established guidelines. 

7. Performs other related duties and projects as necessary or assigned. 

SUPERVISORY CONTROLS: Performs work under the general supervision of a Cadre Shift Supervisor. Tasks are assigned in the form of verbal and/or written instruction. Work is evaluated or inspected for acceptability, performance and adherence to instructions and established standards and guidelines. The incumbent must display tact, good judgment, self-discipline and analytical ability to work through problems and produce solutions.

PERSONAL WORK CONTACTS: Interacts on a regular basis with members of the Director’s and Deputy Director's staff, Academic staff, Programs staff, Cadets, and stakeholders of the IDYCA including special guests, parents and family members, service to community contacts, and other community partners. Occasional contacts include the Adjutant General and all levels of military and civilian personnel of the Idaho Military Division; city, county, state and federal elected and appointed officials; tribal leaders; and city, county, state and federal employees from various agencies.

GUIDELINES: Guiding directives include Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy written policy and procedure staff manual, Student Cadet Handbook; Federal/State Master Cooperative Agreement and policies, and the requirements of the eight core components; Federal program data reporting requirements; Idaho Military Division State Personnel Regulations, policy, and procedure; state laws, local codes, and ordinances. Guidelines will be used to ensure compliance with personnel rules, regulations, and program policies; federal mandates, standards, service levels and funding requirements; laws, codes and ordinances guiding health, welfare, contract administration; legal contracts; and to ensure appropriate treatment and training of the teenage Cadets assigned to the Academy.

WORK ENVIRONMENT / PHYSICAL EFFORT: Approximately 70% of daily work is performed indoors in a climate controlled environment. Approximately 30% of daily work is performed outdoors, and may be in excessive heat, freezing temperatures, or inclement weather depending upon the season. Outdoor environmental conditions include, but are not limited to, hot temperatures, dry, wet, slippery, icy and/or snowy conditions. Occasional lifting and physical exertion is necessary to perform assigned tasks. Cadre staff members are required to successfully pass the IDYCA established standards for the Physical Agility Test (PAT). Maintenance of physical agility and conditioning is an essential function of this position. Cadre staff will lead Cadets in a daily regimen of exercise and physical fitness training. Extensive walking and standing are required; Cadre staff may be on their feet for the majority of assigned shift. Work requires periodic lifting up to 50 pounds.

WORKING CONDITIONS: This position is subject to shift work which includes days, swing, graveyard, weekends, holidays, extended work hours, evenings, and weekends. Incumbent must be willing to work beyond established core hours/days when necessary to accomplish program activities and requirements, including responding to emergency situations in a reasonable amount of time when they involve Cadet health, safety, or security. Incumbent is routinely in immediate vicinity of temperamental “At Risk” youth who may act out aggressively; has contact with teenagers and parents/legal guardians to include periodic interaction with disgruntled and/or emotional individuals and confrontational situations. Incumbent may transport staff and participating Cadets in authorized government vehicles. Incumbent must submit to and pass pre-employment and periodic drug tests, and must complete and pass pre-employment and periodic background checks. Incumbent must complete annual first aid and CPR training/re-certification, and is required to attend formal Youth ChalleNGe staff training courses as specified in program policy. Periodic travel for training in-state and out-of-state, via all modes of transportation, is required. Training may require overnight travel for up to 2-weeks. The IDYCA campus is a tobacco, alcohol, drug, and weapon free facility. Weapons are not permitted anywhere on campus including in employee vehicles. Use of tobacco products is not permitted anywhere within the confines of the IDYCP campus or within view of the Cadets when performing off campus duties and responsibilities. Employees working in a youth residential setting are subject to safety and security surveillance, and are required to adhere to uniform/dress, grooming, and personal hygiene standards and policies established by the IDYCA. Incumbent is responsible to purchase and maintain boots in accordance with IDYCA standards as part of a required uniform.

FLSA Overtime Code: C (Covered; time and one-half)
EEOC: B06 (Paraprofessional)
WCC: 9015
MARCH 2022 

  • State Benefits:

    The State of Idaho offers a robust total compensation package, including medical, vision, and dental insurance; PERSI retirement benefits; paid sick, vacation, and parental leave; and 11 paid holidays per year. For additional information related to benefits and/or State programs, please visit*


    The State of Idaho is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals based on their status as protected veterans or individuals with disabilities and prohibit discrimination against all individuals based on their race, color, religion, political affiliation or belief, sex, national origin, genetics, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws.

    The State of Idaho is committed to access and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities, auxiliary aids and services are available upon request. If you require an accommodation at any step in our recruitment process, you are encouraged to contact (208) 334-2263 (TTY/TTD: 711), or email [email protected].

    Preference may be given to veterans who qualify under state and federal laws and regulations.

    *Benefits may not be applicable for temporary or seasonal positions.